Are you looking for a tattoo that is sure to create a strong, powerful and macho impression? It doesn’t stop there, as Atreus will also have two other children in the future: his daughter Hel and his wolf son Fenrir. Even though he is set up to do bigger things in the future, God of War PS4 is meant to illustrate the father-son dynamic between Atreus and Kratos, first and foremost. He continues to travel the world but is now based in Sydney Australia. Recommended Next: Don’t miss our ultimate guide on mermaid tattoos. There are a lot of powerful Olympians and other god-like beings in media. The name itself means “strength” and, although allegedly the name was accidentally chosen by the game’s creators, it actually ties in well with the mythological character who is also a pawn of the higher gods. While Ares was often treated contemptuously by those he encountered in Greek legend, Mars was honored and respected. Remember that red cloud that hovered around the sky when Atreus was gravely ill during. As it is, Atreus wasn’t close to Kratos because he was hardly well enough to be around him. Here are some of the main runes and their meanings. These are all relevant to his journey in the game. In this guide, we’ll showcase some amazing tattoo ideas from the God of War video game series and also the best Mars, Ares, and Odin tattoos. In the story, Kratos makes Hephaestus, the blacksmith god, punish Prometheus by chaining him to a rock. According to ancient legend, Kratos, together with his three siblings – Zelus, Bia and Nike – were all Zeus’ fiercely loyal enforcers. You have entered an incorrect email address!

According to the director, the game’s storyline was based on the idea of an adventure he would like to have with his son, Helo. RELATED: 10 Strangest Ways Marvel Heroes Got Their Powers. Often representing war’s untamed, violent and physical aspects, he personifies brutality. Even in the God of War series, Atreus is so far the only character who has different ancestry within him. There’s something about god of war tattoo designs that is truly inspirational, and the fascinating mythology behind the designs only serves to add extra meaning and depth to their symbolism. PS4, Atreus is also part-mortal, along with his Giant and God ancestry. This, of course, could mean many different things but as we have seen of late Sony is clearly intending to bring more of its first-party published titles to PC, even if it doesn’t mean God of War at this time. Of course, only when it’s safe to do so or at the very least, wear your mask! Check this out: Find out more about mandala tattoos!

Yes, as you may have noticed we love writing about “The Ghost of Sparta“ and his kin, Atreus, or really anything to do with the game due to how compelling its characters are and how great God of War is to play. Although he was viewed as a powerful god, he was often treated contemptuously or with revulsion by those he encountered in his legends.

Many share similar traits and characterizations but all have their own unique differences that set them apart from the crowd.

Kratos’ character is merciless and brutal, keen to use violence whenever he can. 10 Fusion Monsters That Aren't Worth it. If you’re keen to get your own god of war symbol tattoo, read on to discover more about the best inspired designs out there. The series has been lauded for keeping its characters close to their mythological counterparts. God of War is available now exclusively on PS4. The video game version of the character also draws on many other Greek mythological figures such as Heracles, Achilles, Theseus and Perseus but he is still violent and brutal, even towards innocents as one would expect from his original mythological namesake.

Due to the grand reveal of him. In the Greek mythology tales, he is manipulated by the gods of Olympus, while in the era of Norse mythology, his son Atreus is introduced as another protagonist as the pair come into conflict with Odin and his other Norse deities. For those wanting to play God of War on PC, there was some news in March this year regarding the topic. Known by the ancient Greeks as a dangerous, overwhelming and destructive force, he also had many affairs which produced numerous children. It’s no wonder, then that a Kratos tattoo is highly desirable for any fan of the video game series, or even for anyone who is simply interested in Greek mythology.

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