Current registration from previous state or there will be a 15.00 penalty, Bring vehicle or photo of VIN for VIN inspection, Owner(s) must be present for title transfer. Before mailing, the owner of the record will need to sign the notice and fill in their driver’s license number and expiration date. 206 Grand Ave. SW Fort Payne, AL 35967 Phone: (256) 845-8515 Fax: (256) 845-8517 Please bring your courtesy reminder or a copy of the last registration, Alabama driver’s license, and insurance card(s) with you. You must apply for a boater license in person at the Department of Public Safety Driver’s License Examining Office in your county of residence. However, the costs are pretty affordable Boat registration fees in AL are broken down into four length classifications, as follows: The boat registration cost in AL at each class level will also have a $2 issuance fee attached at the time of registration. After purchasing a vessel, you must register a: To register your boat, take the following items to your nearest county probate judge OR license commissioner: Keep the registration certificate on board your vessel, and put the current year decal on an easily noticeable spot of the bow. When renewing in person, bring your renewal notice, previous registration receipt and a valid AL driver license or other photo ID to your local probate judge’s office. A vessel bearing a legally-issued number from another state, as long as it has not been in Alabama for more than 90 consecutive days. The Alabama Marine Patrol Division does not require boat registration for a vessel: Additionally, Alabama does not require you to register boat trailers. The boat registration service has moved to For policy-related questions please contact: 1-800-272-7930 For technical assistance please contact: 1-866-353-3468 or [email protected] [email protected] You may obtain instructions on how to complete your boat registration at your local county Judge of Probate or your License Commissioner’s office. There is no online boating license option in Alabama, there are ways to take a boating safety course online. Boat dealers will pay $25 for each dealer tag they request. Class I – Less than 4.9 meters (16ft) – $18, Class II – 4.9 meters (16ft) to less than 7.9 meters (26ft) – $23, Class III – 7.9 meters (26ft) to less than 12.2 meters (40ft) – $73, Class IV – 12.2 meters (40ft) and above – $98. What do I do? Copyright © 2009 - 2020 Application for Title (paper copy with barcode at top from AL Dept of Revenue), Tag receipt from old vehicle if transferring tag, Ask about credit voucher if old vehicle traded in or sold, Original Title or MSO/Certificate of Origin if, Original Title (or Application for Title if financed with an Alabama Designated Agent) and any supporting documents, Tag receipt from old vehicle if transferring a tag. There is no charge for a replacement Disability Placard. If you have not yet paid sales tax, you must register at your License Commissioner’s or Judge of Probate’s office.

Beginning January 1, 2013, license plate issuing officials will attempt to verify liability insurance utilizing the State of Alabama Online Insurance Verification System (OIVS), which will allow license plate issuing officials to immediately verify the insurance status of a vehicle at any point in time.

The online convenience fee is 2.5% + $0.30 processing fee + $2.00 mail fee.

What if I lose my Disability Plate? The 2020-2021 registration application is now open! The application must include a bill of sale, previous registration, and proof of sales tax payment. Our course helps you learn quickly and easily, using state-specific questions and easy-to-understand answers.

A maximum of seven characters will be allowed on Alabama’s standard personalized plate. Typically, smaller boats cost less to register than larger boats. I have not renewed my tag in [X] years. You must be at least 12 years old to apply for a boat operators license in Alabama. You may obtain an Alabama boat registration renewal by mail, in person or online. To renew boat registration online, follow the link provided on your renewal notice. You can receive a replacement registration certificate by submitting a completed Application for Boat Registration, Transfer & Replacement along with the $3 replacement fee (plus $2 issuance fee) at your local probate judge or license commissioner's office. To obtain a boating license in AL, you must show proof of age via a state-issued driver’s license or photo ID card.

**************************************, If vehicle is not titled in other state, a copy of complete registration from other state, signed by previous owner**************************************, Tag receipt from old trailer if transferring tag, Ask about credit voucher if old trailer traded in or sold, Bring trailer or photo of VIN for VIN inspection, Original Title (or Application for Title if financed*******************************) and any supporting documents, Tag receipt from old trailer if transferring a tag.

The owner of record must come into our office to receive a replacement placard. In order to avoid a $15 late registration fee, newly acquired vehicles must be registered within 20 calendar days of purchase. DPS & MVD Locations near Dekalb County Tag & Title. Bring vehicle/RV/trailer or photo of VIN for VIN inspection (if vehicle/RV/trailer was not registered in Alabama within the last two (2) years). The best time to renew your tag in person is between the 11. For more information about your state's coronavirus (COVID-19) updates, see our. In Alabama, you're required to register the following types of boats: If you aren't sure whether your boat qualifies, call the Marine Patrol Division' boat registration number at (334) 517-2950. Vessels operating under a valid temporary certificate of number. Once the application has been approved, you will receive an approval email from Infinite Campus. 2. If you are wondering which boats are exempt from registration in Alabama, consult the following list. Taking a boater safety course in Alabama is an important part of responsible boat ownership. While there are many boat insurance programs in Alabama, boaters are not required by law to have insurance on their vessels. Without current registration: Anytime before using the boat (there is no grace period). If you are wondering how to get a boat registration replacement due to your original document being lost, stolen or destroyed, complete the Application for Boat Registration, Transfer and Replacement. Original Title (or Application for Title if financed)**************************** and any supporting documents, If trailer is not titled in other state, a copy of complete registration from other state, signed by previous owner**************************************. If you don't have a driver's license, you'll receive a Class V boat operator license. You may obtain an Alabama boat registration renewal by mail, in person or online. Anytime during your renewal month. There is no limit, as long as the vehicle is titled in the name of the person making application.

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