I got mine on the first try. Can’t remember which two dragons I bred, but I haven’t been able to find what kind of egg it is.

Anyone wishing to add me my ID is. I’m so excited-I just got my diamond egg @ lvl 55 I believe. It may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and played on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad or the Google Play Store and various Android devices.

it took me 4 months before I got mine [diamond] now I have 4 diamonds and im level maxed 150 add me TDOGG1000us. I have bred my Fire Dragon With my Magic Dragon and the breeding time is 2 days. Eggs - This page is to identify eggs. my id is leepea86 come check it out and help a girl would you. Or does it matter when it’s yellow and blue? Neighbors - Use this page to find Storm8 IDs.

I bred night and air, breeding time and egg time is 9 hours. How long dose it take for a ruby dragon to hatch ? For the levels at which they unlock visit the Level Rewards page, and for dragon type information visit the Dragon Types page. I got 6 hours breeding from air and forest dragon.. Can’t find any that match.

Click on a dragon's egg image or name to visit its corresponding dragon page for detailed information.

If you find Gamerologizm useful, please consider contributing :) . Please, don't forget to submit feedback if you are liking the New Tools, Features, and Filters! I didn´t found a result…what is your result? since 2012 (Sehana Fortress, SupremeDynasty, Gamerologizm), var sc_project=11280094; var sc_invisible=0; var sc_security="af5c4b39"; var sc_text=2; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Fantasy Forest Story Wiki - Fantasy Forest Story is very similar to Dragon Story, except with many different kinds of animals instead of dragons.

Haha, i’m finally somewhere near level 100 and i still don’t have it keep trying, it will come out eventually. Dragon Story Breeding Tool and Stats - Hyper ch's breeding tool lets you look up which of your currently owned dragons you can breed to get a particular dragon, and if you don't own any, it will tell you which dragons you can obtain to breed it.

I got an Olympus dragon..Can’t find it on the charts…how many hours to evolve? I tried looking it up but the closest I got was the mermaid dragon, and that’s expired. 44 hr breeding time & 44 hr incubation time but in not quite 2days I’ll have it. I did firestorm and island dragon to get it! I bred a level 5 Holly Dragon with a level 4 Mist Dragon and got 20 hours. I was trying to get crusader dragon.

Mine is rainbow n familiar, 8 hours… Any idea what that cud be? The Glowfloat, Lingering, Spectra Violet and Spirited dragons have been released, along with new Leaderboard Event content!

So if u have those dragons or ones with those colors it might be worth a try.

Copyright © 2010-2020 Gamerologizm (Previously Supreme Dynasty) by Kim (Sehana).

Thanks again and I thoroughly recommend your site.

"); document.write(""); Cause I had been trying to get a charm dragon but I dont know what im getting from 2 days it must be a pretty good dragon.

Nope I got a diamond from an Eagle & Island, and double rainbow from a Familiar and Rainbow. Please help! Anyone wants neighbors lol my id is darklonelywolf23. Craft Only: Can only be obtained through crafting in the Spell Shop, Spinning Only: Spinning game that randomly gives you an limited edition dragon. I’m going for the Goodwitch. yahoo!!!!

I got a social dragon by actually trying to get a doamond! I have a rare egg on my page, and its not listed .. what is it .. add Trollvill and visit me ..

Gamerologizm database and websites are provided to the public for free. Dragon Story is a mobile application developed by Storm8 for iOS and Android devices.

Trying to get this social butterfly quest for months now, is it just blue and yellow??? I somehow breed a pink dragon … but when I breed it .. the dragons I get are ones that require a red drah on and whatever other color I use .. what is wrong?

I just got the diamond dragon using the island dragon and the eagle dragon.

I got a gray egg with one swirl. I just got a rainbow please add me id boogerlickins, What do you get when you do green, yellow, red? Dragon Story is a mobile application developed by Storm8 for iOS and Android devices. My I’d is waddlypengy I been thew every egg chart and I can’t find out what my egg is its got a gem in the middle and yellow wings please help me????

Wonderful news Dragon Story players, we’ve made it even easier to know what you are getting – for the most part – up to the Quetzal Dragon in Dragon Story. It may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and played on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad or the Google Play Store and various Android devices.. Due to circumstances beyond our control, anonymous editing and commenting on this wiki have been disabled. I have a strange egg on mh island its taking 2 days to hatch and its not anywhere on these charts.

i have been tryimg for a diamond dragon for SO long its so frustrating. The Butterdream Dragon has been released! After about 30+ fire dragons I got one but it was 40 hours.

Here you can find links to the various dragons found in Dragon Story, sorted alphabetically. There’s also a white bit at the top with a small weird pink E on. Will try and visit as much as I can.

and i think you get the rainbow by air and water.

, Thought we could get ruby and the others by crafting only,i got them without crafting,and i didnt buy them either, Did you breed your gemstone? I just bred white and black and got a strange egg.

I have a picture of it. "); document.write("");

How do I hatch a rainbow dragon? My son has android ad well and got 2 diamond and gem Go figure !!! It’s hatching now. All developments are done in my free time (what little there is between work, higher education, and family).

I just got my rainbow using Air lvl 10 and water lvl 9. tested leo + aether twice & both got diamond..3rd attemp fail.. My advice: when I least expected it I ended up breeding the ultra/super rare cool dragons I wasn’t trying for so just experiment, don’t sweat it, and have fun. Tournaments provide a new and rewarding way to experience the Battle Arena. So what is it? All Rights Reserved. You can visit the wiki for info on this game. Share this page: I bred a plaid egg???

… yes two accounts both send maps daily, All u have to do is breed a green dragon and a blue dragon together. No idea what egg it is. Thank you. Can someone help me? https://dragon-story.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Story_Wiki?oldid=324306. Im new to the game to. (Breeding time 11 hours) what kind of dragon will it be. Any ideas?

purple egg covered in blue stars and half moons??? I bred a diamond and night dragon. Like in 3 weeks Similar question to someone previously but slightly different timings, Only 2 dragons I know for 31hrs is a ying yang or a moon dragon. 20 hours breeding. Breeding time was something like 14/15 hours. How long dose a fire mane dragon take to hatch? Earth + Fire = Lava 99.9998% of the time). It’s either Magic or Island for ( Life + Water ).

I’m going to keep trying .

Visit me at rinks73, Hi I just tried island dragon and eagle dragon this is the fourth time using it. Damn it!!! 1777 Total Dragons / 18 Total Pages / 100 per page, var sc_project=7243277; var sc_invisible=0; var sc_security="5a432af3"; var sc_text=2; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? I’ve tried and tried all different combinations. Lol xx Im level 61 and bred honeybee and atlantis and got a diamond second try. I have never had this issue with your site. Doesn’t seem like gameteep has it on file. Goals - Find a list of in-game goals here.

I got mine breeding Atlantis and firestorm took a while though you just need to keep going with it.

Below you will find a list of eggs and important information about the dragon. Updates may be slow, work has been really keeping me busy, because, well, it's election time. whats your result?

And myppet.

Who knows of any 4 hour breeding times for dragons? Just regular. What’s a 26 hour breeding I used my laser light and fairy tale. I can’t find anything else that it could be. Now if I could only manage to get a quartz or tigers eye that way , Add me kball1013.

Suggestions, Google Spreadsheet - can also be found under tools, New to the site?

Add me designerbarbiedoll . Saw the egg here and it was a dang Scorpion Dragon.

It’s not anywhere in this guide! Im only on level 61. Learn how your comment data is processed.

He laughed and said he gave up and bought a diamond dragon out of frustration. Does it matter what colour is left or right??? Regular Tournaments last several days and consist o…

The yellow egg w/gemstones all over it, it’s a jewlery…. bread blue and purple(water and magic) so frustrated cause I cant figure it out.

Most selling prices are the same. Gamerologizm visitors since March 2017. Hi!

The Censer, Nightfall, Nightstream, Prettygeist and Rainghost dragons have been released, along with new Dragon Tales content! It’s a green egg w/blue, yellow, & green feathers with like a yellow belt w/a blue gem on the bottom. Primary Dragon Eggs Edit.

Remember it depends on luck. Tessla, Sry I didn’t realize it was back in February when u asked that question.

Most common outcome from breeding 4 colours seems to be island dragon, had hundreds!

Thank you for all the effort off putting this together, and best of all you maintain the site efficiently, that is where other similar sites fall down. Howww do I breed a Night Dragon.

I’ve dried and dried and still nothing I beginning to give up.

: "http://www. I have 4 Diamond Dragons right now (level 100) but I got my first by dumb luck in my earlier levels months ago, then Mercury, then two more diamonds.

With tournaments, you'll face opponents of increasing difficulty until you go head to head with the tournament boss in the final round! Any ideas on what it might be? Cool right? Primary Dragon eggs are purchased from the Store and appear directly in your Nursery.It is possible to breed one, although they are on par with the Rare Dragon Eggs in probability, with the Fire, Earth, and Nature dragons actually being the rarest Dragons in the game to produce from breeding 2 different types of dragons (i.e. Can anybody tell me what dragon am I getting?

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