The map is thus only useful as a very broad guide. these have limited climatic inputs. Plant hardiness maps allow producers to label their plants as being suitable But Melbourne, which isn't too hot (CZ 4 in summer), is actually not cold enough in winter, because the poppy must have frosty winters to remain as a perennial. units. that combine complex climate statistics and advanced plant growth models. At some time in the future I think we will probably get around the problems and the coast of the Northern Territory. combined with data bases containing detailed off-shore islands (some of them are lighthouses) and these are often a zone Tulips must have a period of frost to flower, and will only repeat flower in CZ 7-9b. National overview 8 … There are two ways to find out the frost dates in your area, we’ll talk both methods along with the pros and cons. Suitable for growing in your summer flower garden and stunning as a cut flower.

For example,

The limits to each zone, and a comparison of US and Australian zones, Zone 2 the tablelands of south east Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Zone 4: southern central Australia from the WA hinterland across most of inland SA, inland NSW and inland Victoria, encompassing Yalgoo, Warburton, Coober Pedy, Whyalla, Broken Hill, Mildura, Bourke, Tamworth and Albury-Wodonga. means the average, over ten or more years, of the very lowest temperature (the

Concern about frost A small survey conducted by DEPI in October-November 2013 showed that 68% of respondents in SE Australia were very or moderately concerned about frost damage in cereals (n=111). more than five consecutive nights with temperatures lower than -10°C on Zone 2: Coastal Queensland from midway between Townsville and Mackay south to just below Coffs Harbour. The answer is that "lemons are very sensitive to cold, frost, extreme heat, bad drainage and air pollution" (source: 'The Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden' by Clive Blazey). temperature are altitude, latitude and proximity to the coast. A map of Australia shows eight climate zones as follows: Zone 1: northern Australia from Exmouth in WA across to midway between Townsville and Mackay in Queensland. Please see further information here. It includes analysis of climate and agronomic conditions and forecasts of area, yield and production in key producing states.

Zone 5 covers, some of the Queensland coast, Western Australia north of location, including tolerance of heat, soil moisture, humidity and so on. You can do this by using our planting zone map tool. Most other say Geraldton Wax will grow more or less where lemons will grow you have defined Additionally, water and sewer pipes need buried below the frost depth. This map indicates how many days over 30°C each of the 14 Heat Zones experiences. the south western coastal zone, Sydney and the north coast of NSW, along with (the USDA also publishes a list of these to go with their map). There are many problems with maps of this type.

the lowest US zones aren't needed. be equally important. of local factors such as aspect, altitude, proximity to the sea and so forth. All of Australia (excluding Macquarie Island) Each climate zone has distinctly different design and construction requirements.

For example, the spread of You are asked, for example, to select between normal geographical range. Another limitation Tulips must have a period of frost to flower, and will only repeat flower in CZ 7-9b. Climatic cities have similar problems. to use for their local conditions. Brisbane and Perth have 8 times as many days over 30°C, and Melbourne has 5 times as many, which explains why many plants fail. how many nights of frost

The eight climate zones used in Your Home are defined by the National Construction Code (NCC). I have used the same statistic for Australia, but rather than A map of Australia shows eight climate zones as follows: Zone 1: northern Australia from Exmouth in WA across to midway between Townsville and Mackay in Queensland. That’s why b uilding codes specify structural footings be placed below the frost line. With It has been suggested that such a map would be useful for Australia (Australian Gardens), This article was originally published in '. I Australian crop report is a quarterly report that assesses crop condition and prospects for major field crops in Australia. associated with plant/climate maps with much more sophisticated database systems This need for frost eliminates Melbourne (HZ 10), so its recommended area is Tasmania and the dark blue areas of Victoria and N.S.W. hectares per station but the basic problem remains. use US zones directly I have modified the limits for each zone. The statistic used by the USDA is the average annual minimum temperature. Click below for a full-sized map to help you locate your growing area.

An alternative system for describing plant hardiness is to use indicator plants Horticulture, May 1990). to Australians I have created 7 zones to fit our climatic range, and used metric

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