2 Ragnarok Arena contains Manticore and Dragon, which give their Tekgrams upon death. 3 This is the level required to enter the Easy Arena for Broodmother Lysrix, the lowest level arena. I do recommend to unlock them at 5 engrams at a time, put this in might cause the game to crash or error out if you use the entire command at once. Not sure there is a command to give players a specific engram. This Ark Genesis Tek Replicator Guide will show you how to unlock the Tek Replicator in the game. Mod: Genesis. Engrams are permanent Crafting Recipes the player can unlock, and they provide a means of advancement & progression for players in ARK: Survival Evolved. You can set the skiff to unlock at a level using EngramEntryAutoUnlocks= … Defeating both unlocks the exclusive Tekgram listed. This device allows you to craft several Tek items in the game, including the Tek Hover Skiff vehicle. Commands to unlock all Tek engram items This command will allow you to unlock all the engrams ranging from the Island to Genesis Tek Engrams. Just like the Tek Hover Skiff, you are also required to first get the Tekgram for the Tek Replicator. Tags: Blueprintable, Tek.

The replicator is a device that enables you to craft various Tek items, along with the Tek Hover Skiff, in the game. Harder difficulties in a particular boss will award the engrams from all previous difficulties. Similar to the Hover Skiff, you need to get your hands on the Tekgram first in order to have the Replicator. Unlike Blueprints (Lootable items that give you access to Crafting Recipes), Engrams are non-lootable, persist through player death, and do not take up any Weight or inventory space. March 8, 2020 In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock the Tek Replicator in Ark Genesis. Class: PrimalItem_WeaponTekClaws_C.

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