When fighting Demetri during the school brawl Hawk gains the upper hand at first, but is ultimately beaten when Demetri blocks all his attacks and follows with a sharply timed counter. Training under Kreese in season 3 could either worsen his decline, or give him a much-needed wake-up call. At the time, Eli's only friend was a fellow nerd, Demetri, whom Eli often talked about geeky subjects with.

During this, Hawk sniped at Demetri for attempting to use Cobra Kai's name while not actually joining the dojo.

It should also be noted, however, that Hawk was caught off guard by the improvement of Demetri's technique.

When Miguel used the karate training he received from Cobra Kai to fight back against Kyler and his gang of bullies, Eli thought it was cool that he stood up to them despite being beat up for it. Fighting.Causing havoc.Getting tattoos.Flirting with girls. Eli is a nice and quiet teenager that is bullied for his deformed lip. Eli was born with a cleft lip and despite getting surgery to have it fixed, was left with a facial scar, resulting in him being made fun of in middle and high school for it.

https://thekaratekid.fandom.com/wiki/Hawk?oldid=13016, Eli can be compared to the following characters.

Cobra Kai (TV Series 2018– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The next day at school, Hawk learned from Miguel that he had kissed Sam at the party and congratulated him on it, saying that he intended to have a "full rotation" of girlfriends by the time he reached the midterms. After Johnny Lawrence mocks him for his deformed lip, Eli becomes angry and unhappy.

The Karate Kid Part II: Chozen Toguchi | Sato Toguchi | Toshio | Taro | John Kreese | Johnny Lawrence

The injury Hawk inflicted on Robby would lead to the latter's defeat against Miguel in the final round when Miguel exploited the injury to defeat him. Despite putting up a good fight Hawk is defeated by Miguel. Full Name After beating up several Miyagi-Do, Hawk noticed Demetri, who had attempted to get a teacher to intervene, and chased after him. Following Miguel's victory in the All Valley tournament, Hawk along with Miguel, Aisha, Moon and Demetri celebrate. After Miguel fought Kyler and his gang again in a massive lunchroom brawl and singlehandedly defeated all four of them, Eli was inspired to join Cobra Kai to become good at karate too. First Appearance If they can succeed, Hawk can keep the punk rock elements of his current persona, but also stop suppressing his geeky nature. To compliment his new identity, Hawk got a tattoo of a hawk sporting a mohawk on his backside. Friends Not only does his looks change, but his personality changes as well as he goes from being shy, scared and insecure, to overconfident, over the top, aggressive and hot headed.

Hawk witnesses Miguel lying on the ground unconscious. John Kreese's ruthless mentality further takes over his mind, causing his personality to take an ever darker turn, as represented by his shift from blue to a red mohawk at the beginning of All In. He is portrayed by Jacob Bertrand, who also played Chip Chambers in iCarly. When Eli complained for him to stop, Johnny simply told him to "flip the script" and get an accessory to distract people from the scar. He is the author of the psychological thriller and time travel novel, "A Man Against the World." But it could take characters like Johnny, Demetri, and Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) to bring that out of him. Encouraged by Kreese and without Johnny's knowledge, Hawk leads a small group of students to vandalize and destroy Daniel LaRusso's dojo, and Hawk steals the Medal of Honor which belonged to Daniel's sensei Mr. Miyagi. He even has a tattoo on his back which his parents don't know about that. Eventually, Johnny's taunts caused Eli to leave the dojo, only to take Johnny's words of "flipping the script" to heart and return next day sporting a blue mohawk. Hawk's major shift in his personality shows that he is the most corrupted student in Cobra Kai, and is an excellent example of how Cobra Kai can turn innocent kids into corrupt and vicious bullies. Though he projects a "badass" persona, Hawk's ego is fairly easily bruised and he often reacts to insults towards himself and Cobra Kai with violence. Once he enters training in season 1, Hawk develops into an aggressive fighter with a penchant for high risk techniques. In The Karate Kid sequel series, Hawk started out as a quiet, high school outcast with few friends and evolved into a punk rock karate expert focused on being “cool.” Unfortunately, Hawk's newfound machismo eventually led him down a dark path, alienating him from his friends. After cornering him, Hawk attempted to beat him up, only for Demetri to use the training he had learned at Miyagi-Do to fight him off and fling him into a trophy case. The Next Karate Kid: Colonel Dugan | Ned Randall | Charlie | Gabe | Morgan However it does not take long for Cobra Kai's ruthless mentality to turn Hawk into a merciless, and disobedient bully. Over the course of the series, Hawk's aggressive mindset leads him to become a bully himself, ironic considering he originally sought to be able to fight against bullies. Related: Cobra Kai: Why Daniel's Karate Kid Crane Kick Was Illegal. However, Hawk's illegal move was intentional and he did not regret committing the move, while Bobby reluctantly committed the illegal move and showed remorse after doing so. Inspired by this, Hawk and three of his cohorts went to the Miyagi-Do dojo and vandalized it, with Hawk stealing the late Mr. Miyagi's World War II Medal of Honor. In the Season 3 teaser, we see a shirtless Hawk in the dojo, looking down, with his knuckles bloody, implying that he may be fighting somebody. After some time, Miguel finds out that Robby is Johnny's son and he tells Hawk, causing them both to believe the only reason Johnny is being hard on them because they attacked his son. After hearing that one of his students had vandalized Miyagi-Do, Johnny forced all of his Cobras to do grueling training exercises until the culprit came forward. During a party at Moon's house Hawk tries to win her back by flirting with another girl, but is shocked when Moon kisses her and reveals they are dating. During a training exercise where Johnny tasked his students with manually pushing a cement mixer, when Hawk and several other students showed reluctance to participate in it, they were all scolded by Kreese for not listening to the "man who led [them] to the mountain top".

Here's how season 3 can make it happen for the character. Despite becoming a bloodthirsty sadist, Hawk also shows certain virtuous traits such as a sense of camaraderie with his fellow Cobra Kai students, not taking it personally when Miguel beat him in the River Creek Match. Cobra Kai were later introduced to Johnny's Sensei John Kreese when Kreese persuaded Johnny to let him back into Cobra Kai. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Impressed, Johnny gave him his nickname of "Hawk" and told him to fall in with the rest of his students.

He can be considered as one of the main characters of this season. Series Information

Mike however was hired to harass Daniel LaRusso, while Hawk has been manipulated into harassing his victims. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Eli is a young man with a scar on his lip that he is often bullied for. When Johnny attempted to approach Kreese, Hawk and all the other students blocked him. Causing havoc.Getting tattoos.Flirting with girls. After Miguel beats up Kyler and his friends both Demetri and Eli join the Cobra Kai Dojo.

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