BIG SCAM in BC casino. Horrible site, played endless treasure had over 1000 spins not one bonus and on top of that when pot fills up instead of giving you the bonus you get a message of technical issue and all the sudden pot is empty .. called the support which is a joke, there answer is it’s just random .. how can you not even get a bonus once with 1000 spins and just keep losing.

Not the best pay outs considering the same games in a live casino would be big wins for the exact same lines. lol, I trust Isle of man, Malta, Moldova, and the other offshore sites far more than this bullshit!

The BCLC was set up in 1985, and today, it employs 900 people. The admin saw my bets of $100 on single numbers and scrubbed the bets before the ball could fall. Chips need to be approved before they can be installed. nothing is in task manager for me, not in processes or services, the game is legit not running, but steam thinks it is.

Live chat is available from 7 a.m. through midnight Pacific Standard Time. hmm…. I was betting about 110 to 120 a spin on a bunch of numbers. We hope that PlayNow review summary will prove useful for you. Reportedly, the site has given various lucky players over half a million dollars in a single ‘win’ but the funny thing is: these people are NEVER interviewed. It’s evil. When I told them I had screenshots and documentation they stopped replying. Go work that one out for likelihood. Just how long would it take you to “legitimately” earn one of those big jackpots anyway?

I go daily to the local casino and talk to other players about it, and a lot of them have the same issue with their favorite games that were paying them out too and all of a sudden become unplayable for their account.

They have added a Paypal deposit option and never worked from the day they added it until now!… Don’t add an option or a service if you can’t provide it!!! If you are running Java Script. How does the cost of buying a lottery ticket through the online platform compare to getting one in the offline realm? The site administrator must attend to the algorithms, the programs, and the transformation. They regulate themselves thru a cover business and say it’s legal but its total brutal odds. I have played there a bunch of time over the years and every time you will in a couple $5 or $10 at the beginning and then its all downhill until you hit 0. These include: PlayNow offers a wide range of changing promotions that can be viewed on their site by visiting their ‘Promotions’ page. If you can win 2 hands in a row, take it and run. Many will notice when you play the automatic table games Roulette/Blackjack etc…once you get on a winning streak the game SUDDENLY will GLITCH and kick you out and end the game, ruining whatever momentum you save EVERY SINGLE TIME.Blackjack the absolute worse. Either they do not exist, or they have sunk more money into the site than their so-called Jackpot. 76. Wasted almost 2k on this. Total ripoff…..the spins change during the process…it’s as if it goes in reverse or is set up to not let the winning numbers show. Probably high volume of winning. They as soon as the hour is up, the games change and they hit dead spin after dead spin. Steam says game is running when it's not. This site is a joke for sports betting.

Revel in the Then you lose. Since this is something too difficult to do when you go to actual casinos.

I started to figure this out about 8-10 lost all-ins, I am at 37 lost now. I am talking about the other team being picked when i didn’t pick it. You’ll be lucky to win 17% of the time and dealers win streaks of 13 or 14 in a row do happen on a regular basis which can and does happen on live tables from time to time but not at the rate it happens on this site. Alternatively, an advantage can be given to skew all-in scenarios in the favor of the underdog. I or a half-brained monkey can tell you it’s rigged. But the game when I reload it didn’t allow me split… so okay… I hit … instead of complaining….

22. Every time entering the PlayNow promo code it is required to top up the account by $10. It’s incredible how many times one can be pushed on a 20 or 21 from the dealer showing a bust card…It was not always like this as I have been a member for years. I get it, it’s a business, and it needs to be profitable to survive, but you need to let people WIN once in a awhile, to make it look somewhat honest.They got rid of Classic Roulette, which seemed like one of the only fair games they actually had. As soon as you win a decent jackpot the game crashes, will not let you play that game anymore. Little to no pay. Our expertly reviewed list reveals all. 56. However, dare go into the CASINO and all you will be doing is making withdrawals from your CC or bank account!! Seems pretty sketchy that I was punished for having a Monday night pick. Spent a fair amount of money. But I have won big on three different occasions.

Instead of a simple printout of the hands Johnson played, what he received was a spreadsheet outlining every hand played, the table lineups and participants logged into each table. 51. It offers only Canadian lotteries and is available only for the citizens of the British Columbia province. I got 90% wrong betting this way. Do not play on this site they are just taking money I don’t know any of my friends that have won here, they are taking advantage of the fact we cant go to brick and mortar casinos to gouge us to fund their salaries.

Their system is RIGGED!

Consistently frugal, cheap, low of the low…bonus rounds…if and when they hit! PlayNow offers an innovative poker game that users can download and install on their PC. It’s taken me 5 years but I’ve finally learned my lesson to never put any more money into this crappy site. Then they came out with mobile app and was helpful. They may also be required to verify themselves by submitting proof of identity and physical address. They cancel wagers expecting us to lose, when won they...”, “Gosloto is really a scam, your format is just fake designed to make sure no...”, “1st November at 06:59 pm I send amount rs 3000 from Paytm but I am getting only...”, © Copyright 2012 - 2020 | All Rights Reserved. You spend too much at gambling, no matter how good you are; your total loss at the end is a mathematical certainty. They will yell and fight back to you. I’m thankful for that saves me money. You put 1000 they give you nothing.

Turn $10 into a $1 Million Sit & Go tournament in our special edition Windfall. I detailed the incident and contacted them. While, this scenario just encouraged players to play longer and didn't actually affect a player's chances, intentionally programming games to generate the "Near Miss" scenario is now illegal in Nevada. BCLC actually spends a LOT of time and money adding games to this site that are minimally entertaining but have hundreds of lines i.e. does, however, impose a daily cumulative win limit (based on a calendar day) at or near $500,000.

45. Can you believe yes thay did, and they are not responsible for that. You would not take a seat at a private poker game if there was any chance the dealer or host wasn't playing fair, so you should expect anything else from an online game? If I could I would have given this site a negative star review but I can’t. Are there poker players here that see things other ways? Anything is possible with computers.

There is no comparison.

same players 24/7 and usually the same 3 names win every game.Even when there are 10,000 cards sold Can you say scam!!!? Then, I tried the new software this week, lost $870, in a matter of 5-6 hours, playing same limits, and amount of tables. How is that possible? Users are required to register an online player account before they can make use of the services available. When they made a mistake on a hand, you have to wait for a week to 2 week to have an answer. If your account goes over this limit and is not brought down within 72 hours, a withdrawal instruction will automatically be issued, and the funds will be withdrawn. Stick to sports don’t bother with the Casino -SCAM. Your new software needs new software. If you live in British Columbia or Manitoba, then is a great place to participate in some of Canada’s best local and national lotteries as well as try out a myriad of great online betting and gambling features. When I did manage a decent score and complemented the dealer in roulette. In this sense, PlayNow is an excellent choice – you are not charged extra for the convenience of buying tickets online.

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