This kinda reminds me of Gilgamesh vs Shirou. Like reacting to and weaving around teeth-bullets that were flung hard enough to shatter concrete. Varies with Demonbane. You've already admitted Slade is faster and believed/assumed I would just argue for a blitz and oneshot, but I don't see the need for it when he could just outlast Ohma, who by your strategy is already pushing himself to his absolute maximum, and that's just make up for the gap between him and Slade. However, it has severe drawbacks. Again, this feat becomes increasingly impressive after taking a look at the full context: not only was he managing a conversation with the Ikon suit's built-in artificial intelligence, but he also previously announced himself, giving all these men fair and decent warning, and while being effectively blind. I think Ohma has a solid striking advantage and Slade can't afford to tank much from him. Constant use can lead to visual and auditory hallucinations, and eventually heart failure. As despite Geo running right at him ready to attack, Slade throws his swords faster than not only he can react, but even register. Look no further than it can slice Kryptonian materials and skin. Spoken words slow down to him akin to how a speedster would interpret normal talking speed like a turtle moving its lips. Whatever the case, make sure to be civil about it, there's no reason to get upset over fiction. In a more comparable skill showing take this instance in Christopher Priest's Deathstroke vs Batman story arc: Bruce, who matches Slade's stats with pure skill most of the time and is arguably the best or in the top percentile of martial artists in all of DC catches Slade off guard and restricts his neck with a chain, wrapping it around multiple times, while using the rest of his body to grapple Slade mid-free-fall. And since you want to bring up how impressive "instant" is for the Flame Kata, I can do the same, as Slade is crossing a room, not a stage in an instant, and time takes another instant to catch up with him. Combine that with everything else, his intelligence, his A.I breaking Ohma down faster than a casual Superman can catch up, along with his gear, and I think Slade has the clear advantage here. Your footwork and maneuvering can drastically effect the efficiency of your movements and also the speed. He has some direct strength feats as well, like ripping apart Inaba Ryo's hair, which can handle many dozens of tons of weight atleast. Redirection kata is a collection of formless movements used to redirect the flow of power. Deathstroke is not some peak human, like say Batman would be. As you can see a mentally healthy Ohma would be quite the formidable mind to engage against in a fight. Safe to say its piercing power is notably potent and should be enough to cause problems for even Ohma. Depends on how we argue, I suppose. The A.I was shown to be able to broadcast multiple streams, guide Slade through a battleship as well as track, and outwit Superman all at the same time as well. Slade is arguably even faster than he is strong: Like here when invading Belle Reve Prison, Slade is shown to cut bullets from assault rifles at extremely close range from all sides by trained guards. In regards to that, during one of his weakest states, 25% of his usual capabilities in fact; Slade was able to pick and up use a giant slab of stone as a blunt force weapon: An easy multi-ton feat while notably weakened by at least 3 times This type of casual strength is consistent with his established level in Rebirth where he can send a car flying several feet into the air with a kick, just to get it off of him or even more notably kick a dumpster so hard he kills a man behind it shattering his skull, and heavily deform the dumpster all with a simple kick to the top corner. Extremely brutal and effective when used in combination with the Water kata, it was an elementary combination of these that allowed Ohma to beat the best grappler in the world, someone who would be heads and shoulders above anybody else in this regard with some crazy stuff going on for him. Batman even comes up gasping for air after the ordeal, Slade is fine. In these scans we get an basic idea of base Ohma's stats. This should denote the sheer impressiveness of this feat. Atleast that is the basic application. Sure Ohma may not be a chump, but he isn't just going to be impossible to track for a character who reacts to, dodges, flips around, and contort his body through a hail of fire from a minigun while fighting other opponents, then outpace the same fire rate while countering the shooter. This is another area where Ohma is incredibly amazing at, largely because the last 2 remaining katas have a lot to do with this range. And that brings us to the end of this main section, where I attempted address the direct and most explicit factors and areas of the battle. The Water Kata mainly consists of grappling techniques, emphasizing flexibility and fluidity of motion. , Raian was smiling while getting punched too. I'll begin with Ohma's blunt force, both what he is capable of dishing out and what he is capable of withstanding; In these scans we get an basic idea of base Ohma's stats. Building level with Advance (Took hits from Base Raian).

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