All of the Seven Sisters lean socially liberal to some extent, which includes having robust LGBTQ+ cultures on campus. The day is named after the first African American to enroll as a student in the college. 1. Seven Sisters Colleges: Should You Go to One? Barnard's affiliation with and nearness to Columbia University means that Barnard students can easily cross-register to take classes there. But as a Wellesley student (and now alum), I found that being almost entirely surrounded by smart, driven, and confident women meant I felt compelled to rise to meet those standards myself. The students in the college are allowed to also register in other colleges like Babson .The college awards alumni who have done laudable things in their fields. The award is given every year and has been done since 1970. Check out our top-rated graduate blogs here: © PrepScholar 2013-2018. List of Sister Cities – What is a Sister City? 10. It depends on who you talk to, because stereotypes about us run the gamut from large, mannish rugby players to spoiled, overly studious girls who never leave their castle-like dorms . High tea was a campus-wide tradition that happened most afternoons.

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5. When you write your personal statements or your "Why [school name]?" The degree to which this is the case varies from school to school, and this is not to say that there aren't socially conservative students at Seven Sisters colleges, because there are. It might feel like you're being too enthusiastic or overselling it if you emphasize the fact that you're applying to one of the Seven Sisters and that that's important to you. Mount Holyoke has different unique traditions with the most popular being the Mountain Day, which takes place in the fall when all the students go for a hike up at a nearby mountain. This school seems like a really good fit for me.". He had a discussion with Charles William Eliot who was the then Harvard University president and requested him to let lecturers from the university to teach a group of female students. If at all possible, though, you should make sure to interview with a representative of the college, ideally with someone who attended the college themselves.

There's a good bus system that allows students to take classes at Smith (pictured here), Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, Amherst, and UMass Amherst. It is one of the most selective colleges and has been co-educational from 1969. Despite being one of the top colleges in the country, Wellesley has 1.5 times to nearly double the admissions rate of comparable colleges. It's a simple change that will create a positive, or at least neutral impression if you do it, but will leave an extremely negative impression if you don't. I personally didn't place a huge amount of importance on this factor when I was applying to colleges—in fact, Wellesley was the only all-women's college I applied to. An old list of house rules in your dorm referred to men as gentleman callers - and none were allowed past the parlor. Just because the Seven Sisters colleges are relatively less selective doesn't mean that you can slack off academically. Vassar College has become coeducational and Radcliffe College merged fully with Harvard University in 1999, creating the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study was established. For instance, I'm pretty sure that in my "Why Wellesley?" Admissions officers at Seven Sisters schools want to be sure you're someone who exemplifies the quality of a Seven Sisters student, which means they don't just care about your grades; they also care about how you interact with teachers and other students. What ACT target score should you be aiming for?

And since there are Seven Sisters and 8 Ivy League schools- the numbers don’t add up for them to be explicitly paired together, although I believe many of the schools had informal agreements, that in some cases, became actual mergers. We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Vassar College was established in 1861 by Matthew Vassar as the first institution of higher education that granted degrees to women in the United States. The comparatively decreased selectivity of the Seven Sisters schools has nothing to do with the quality of the schools — Wellesley and Smith in particular are known for their academic rigor.

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