She has the ult energy regen talent at ascension lv 60, so I personally haven’t had problems with her ult being up, but ig I can’t just completely rule them out then. With Jean being by far the easiest character to keep at max health this sword is definitely great for her. Breaking news: Energy recharges is as good on character with 20s CD burst that it is on 15s CD burst character, and actually better than it is on 12s CD burst character. I'd like to see someone do the math on this, but it's honestly a compelling argument. Every team must have at least 100% Resistance (Leader bonus included) in the main monsters, specially the healers or any monster with useful passive skills like Dias, Darion, Perna, etc. Superconduct is good, but its better to be switching off and applying different reactions then sitting on one character and autoing. I always thought physical dps Jean is the way, but it seems that it kinda falls off lategame. O ic maybe it’s worth considering on Jean then, although it would hurt her dmg a lot. Therefore, weapons like sacrificial or harbringer is great for this kind of playstyle. That's a super good question, I can't say for certain but most of the healing sources in the game are based off of raw percentages. A comprehensive list of all raid-viable monsters. Crit dmg is a super powerful substat, and the crit rate it gives you at refine 5 is basically enough to count as a second substat. In essence, Harbinger of Dawn provides Jean with insane raw crit stats, considering its so easy to maintain the passive with her kit. Nukers may have lower Resistance, but aim always for the max you can get in this stat. Details Raid Beast Type: Fire Target Rating: A+, S, SS, SSS (depending on your total damage) Drops: Runes (Fight, Determination, Enhance, Accuracy, Tolerance) Enchanted Gems and Grindstones Flaming […] THIS SITE AND THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED ARE NOT ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, ENDORSED, OR SPONSORED BY COM2US. It was on this subreddit somewhere, where the argument was most of your dmg will be coming from elemental reaction chaining late game and flat auto attacks just aren't sustainable.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The problem is always the energy, and gaining 80 energy in 20s is as hard as gaining 60 energy in 15s, and harder (so you need more help) than gaining 40 energy in 12s. Yeonhong is an exceptionally powerful healer for RTA and PvP and can carry a team to victory. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This discussion will help you decide how to create or enhance your current Rift dungeon teams on defeating the boss. There are many successful R5 teams out there that use monsters not in this list, so don’t let me tell you what not to do. The team consist in 3 farmeable monsters, a very easy to get monster and a DPS. Weapons like aquila favonia, black sword or even rancour won’t be as valuable then. Today in DaisyB Beginner Account Series, we discussed second awakening team for new players, when any why you should do it as soon as possible! She provides a glancing debuff and has a team up skill that cleanses all debuffs and … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Boss fight highlighted in this review will be Lyrith. I dunno, i'll keep using my Jean as my main dps with full atk stats while having Bennet,Chongyun apply their fields & Sucrose cc enemies & spread further chaos during elemental bursts of awesomeness. No one gets their raid team perfect on their first try, and all teams will require extensive testing and adjustment. A common misconception with Jean is that you should stack pure attack since her healing scales off the ATK stat. I might be wrong though. The 3 farmeable monsters are Xiong Fei (Fire Kung Fu Panda), Belladeon (Light Inugami) and Colleen (Fire Harpu). If you intend for her to be a pure healer, this may be correct, but you would be missing out on her insane potential as a jack-of-all-trades secondary-dps healer with massive e crits and ult crits. Lyrith Boss Overview This guide will provide an overview of the units you will be face, how to beat them, and what people have used in the past to complete the stage. NB10 is also pretty hard to build a fast and reliable team for so by going into R5 first you can build a much more efficient NB10 starter team. And finally the DPS, which can be one among a good variety of choices. Welcome to Summoners War Rift of Worlds In-depth guide! I personally found this build more fun than auto attack spam, bc I enjoy switching out often, and the big crits on her e are satisfying. Giant's Keep B10 Guide,Progression Guides, Dragon's Lair B10 Guide,Progression Guides, ToA Guide (Normal & Hard),Progression Guides, Karzhan Guide (Level 5),Progression Guides, Ellunia Guide (Level 5),Progression Guides, Sanctuary of Dreaming Fairies (Rune Dungeon), Best Summoners War Monsters Guide [Updated List], Trial of Ascension (ToA) Guide - Teams, Monsters & Runes. Like Benny or Barbara or Jean are a % of a single stat. Her E has a 409% ratio at talent lv 6 with a 6 second cooldown, which is decent time to allow your main dps to flow through their attack pattern before switching back to Jean for an insane crit burst dmg.

Cleansers/Hybrids – Your team should consist of 1-2 of these units (~200 spd) Recommended Lisa (Core Unit) – Lisa is widely considered the best cleanser for R5. Harbinger is the only crit dmg sword in the game besides a starglitter weapon, making it easy to optimize her crit rate/ crit dmg ratio with just a crit rate helm. Physical dmg falling off lategame? This stat is capital in R4 and R5 and CAN NOT be forgotten. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I am running a lv 15 crit rate helm here, but even naked she would have 33% crit rate and 92% crit dmg. The easy to get monster is Adrian (Fire Elven Ranger). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Time to see if the Fire Lizardman and Wind Magical Archer can really handle it

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