I can only comment based on an interview with David Sedaris back in 2004 when he answered a question about humiliating anecdotes to do with his family – he commented that Tiffany once told him that he better not write about her, then, apparently in 2003 she asked him to put her in a story as she was worried that people would think he didn’t like her. Hey, remember when you called me unhinged and claimed I was making things up that you said?

hence, I urge the decent folk to realize that there truly are trolls for hire when money is at stake. They are two sides of the same coin, you see. If she doesn't care, why should you?

My husband and I were able, however, to employ her occasionally as caregiver for our infant son. "Hate" me all you want...I'm totally fine with it. TO YOU that was the point of the piece. How about some compassion? Don't shoot the messenger. David should consider the payment for his article about Tiffany’s suicide to be a debt paid in full. [quote]Great. Family Memoirs Break Taboos – and Trust -, Dig Deeper: Exploring Taboo Family Secrets | The Sineater, Can you keep a secret? When they get older, they wonder why you don't visit or answer your phone. I don’t think David Sedaris is capable of anything remotely like “grieving”. That does not qualify you, however, to censor DL. But these times, I suspect, coincided with whenever her internal turmoil was rising: beyond her control, beyond the control of the various psychiatric drugs and health supplements that Tiffany occasionally relied on. There is no there there. She picked things out of trash for herself and other people. His schtick is starting to wear thin. It's based on abandonment, I thought. It's not the fault of the family — or anyone else. Family memoirs break taboos – and trust | Em News, http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2004/08/15/sister_in_a_glass_house?pg=full, My comment to an article about personal loss | Rotsne's Blog, Our writing, our selves: Meditations on the ethics of writing | In Her Footsteps. Interesting observation R307. “Years ago, she said I could never write about her. TS' suicide was a tragedy. As an artist, she was fixated on color and was one of the most colorful personalities I am ever likely to meet. [all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.].

David’s detachment and insensitivity is insulting and offensive to all who loved Tiffany, likely including his own family. They have pronounced his career OVAH as if anyone outside of DL cares. The whole family just seems a little mean. I'm glad my ticket was free, because I hear funnier non PC stuff on one of the comedy central shows. You're told you're careless or forgetful. What an aggressive, mean action. They had a nice run of it...but they need to update their schtick. Her successful and wealthy brother only made things worse for her. “Only you get a canopy bed.”, Poor Tiffany. Here she was...starving to be loved...and the only time they gave her attention is when she did anything for them. [quote]In fact, one would think you'd appreciate the raw, honest feedback from PEOPLE WHO READ BOOKS. Doesn't have to directly hurt anyone. Why do you just make shit like this up? In other writings, Sedaris tells us that he and others in his family have struggled with substance abuse as well. He's famous for his memoirs but it's certainly not all he does. Marinating in it. You morons don't understand human nature any more than you do writing. Absolutely — like every black sheep in the family, no matter what they do or say, you can’t help but love them and care for them and worry about them. Doesn't sit well with humanity. Such transparency is disturbing for any subject, but his work has never been damning or hateful. She has been hospitalized, and she can only get her meds refilled monthly so as to avoid another OD. [quote] How is it wrong? Tiffany spent years arguing with some of them while constantly shifting allegiance amongst them and detaching herself from those she was angry with. She kept cancelling on them. His article was sympathetic only in a cosmetic way - it was using her self-imposed isolation to protect the other Sedarises. I found David Sedaris’ article, “Now we are five,” in the Oct. 28 New Yorker to be obviously self-serving, often grossly inaccurate, almost completely unresearched and, at times, outright callous. There is no there there. I have always found that in all of David Sedaris’ pieces that focus on his family, his love and appreciation of them is evident in spite of some potentially uncomfortable foibles he reveals in the process. I don't know David Sedaris. Its not like she knows what he did or anything.

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