THINKING THROUGH SOURCES: History Before Writing: How Do We Know?Source 1.1: A Gathering and Hunting Woman in the Twentieth Century: Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman: Life in the Bush, 1971. Source 10.4 Germanic Law: Burgundian Code, ca.

--Dean Pavlakis, Carroll College, "Ways of the World strikes a good balance between providing the necessary facts of world history with broader ideas and concepts." STATE AND EMPIRE IN EURASIA / NORTH AFRICA, 600 B.C.E.–600 C.E. Source 2.4: The Social Relationships of Egyptian Agriculture: Agricultural Scenes from the Tomb of Menna, Fourteenth Century B.C.E. FIRST PEOPLES; FIRST FARMERS: MOST OF HISTORY IN A SINGLE CHAPTER, TO 3500 B.C.E. Please note there may be a delay in delivering your e-mail depending on the size of the files. Source 7.4 A Moroccan Diplomat in West Africa: Leo Africanus, The History and Description of Africa, Source 7.5 A Korean World Map: The Honkōji Copy of the Kangnido Map, Korea, 15th century, Voice 7.1 John Larner on Whether Polo Really Traveled to China, from Marco Polo and the Discovery of the World, 1999, Voice 7.2 Natalie Zemon Davis on Leo Africanus’s Audiences, from Trickster Travels: A Sixteenth-Century Muslim between Worlds, 2006, 7. With keen consideration of the needs of their student audience, authors Robert W. Strayer and Eric W. Nelson provide an insightful, big picture synthesis that helps students discern what matters most in world history--patterns and variations on both global and regional levels and continuity and change over time. CHINA AND THE WORLD: EAST ASIAN CONNECTIONS, 600–1300, Together Again: The Reemergence of a Unified China, China and the Northern Nomads: A Chinese World Order in the Making, Cultural Influence across an Ecological Frontier, Coping with China: Comparing Korea, Vietnam, and Japan, On the Receiving End: China as Economic Beneficiary, Losing State Support: The Crisis of Chinese Buddhism, WORKING WITH EVIDENCE: China’s Scholar-Officials, Source 8.1 Scholar-Officials and the Emperor: Scholars Gathering in a Bamboo Garden, Source 8.2 A Gathering of Scholars: Scholars of the Liuli Hall, late 13th century, Source 8.3 A Solitary Scholar: Ma Yuan, On a Mountain Path in Spring, early 13th century, Li Po, Drinking Alone with the Moon, 8th century, Wang Wei, My Retreat at Mount Zhongnan, 8th century, Source 8.5 Scholar-Officials at Play: Gu Hongzhong, The Night Revels of Han Xizai, 10th century, HISTORIANS’ VOICES: Assessing China’s Scholar-Officials, Voice 8.1 Jacques Garnet on the "Learned Culture" of Song Dynasty China, from A History of Chinese Civilization, 1996, Voice 8.2 David Hinton on "Public Service" and "Mountain Seclusion," from Mountain Home: The Wilderness Poetry of Ancient China, 2005, 8. Topics include Göbekli Tepe and monumental construction before agriculture, Trung Trac and resistance to the Chinese Empire, gunpowder, the end of the Byzantine Empire, feminism and nationalism in Java, the Cuban Revolution, and many more. --Kathryn Johnson, Northern Michigan University, "The authors set the stage for students to study broad historical topics and, through questions in the margins, guide students to read and think critically about the past. 330 B.C.E. Need help ASAP? Read and study old-school with our bound texts. . Source 6.3: Nourishing the Gods: Stone Carving of a Bloodletting Ritual, 709 C.E. Schedule THINKING THROUGH SOURCES: Living and Dying During the Black Death, Source 11.1: The Black Death in the Islamic World: Ibn al-Wardi: Report of the Pestilence, 1348, Source 11.2: The Black Death in Western Europe: Giovanni Boccaccio: The Decameron, Mid-Fourteenth Century, Source 11.3: The Black Death in Byzantium: Emperor John VI of Byzantium: Historarum, Mid- to Late Fourteenth Century, Source 11.4: Religious Responses in the Islamic World: Ibn Kathir: The Beginning and the End: On History, ca. Provided in one chapter in each of the book’s six parts, these essays highlight debates about key historical issues: the beginnings of history, the origins of major religious traditions, the nature of empires, the idea of the Atlantic World, the Industrial Revolution, and the concept of globalization. In 1998 he was visiting professor of world and Soviet history at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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