Your tank is too small.

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I would say ammonia is up but not the worst seen. Glofish are genetically altered zebra danios which are schooling fish. Yes the cap off Sick betta fish: hole in the head, missing scales, fin tear/rot/biting? Spasms / jerking: When severely irritated, goldfish **** spasmodically. Ammonia in both tanks? 3 white spots in goldfish head,tail and fin.Is this ich? How much water conditioner do i use for a 25% water change and a 100% water chan??? The water is irritating the fish, similar to a fly irritating a horse.  Apps     Matt as we keep repeating ourselves and you are not appearing to understand, can I ask how old you are? White foamy Bubbles on top of tank water?, Levels in tank ar... Why Ammonia is Higher After a Partial Water Change. Perhaps you can buy some stress coat? Fish twitching helppp. Twitching glofish!! About Our Fish New Arrivals Most Popular Why did you take it from a large tank and into a smaller one? It … If your ammonia goes to level. Water quality problems are usually at the root of this symptom. These fish are not really suitable for tanks. How long after water change can I test water. F.A.Q. We use a water softener at our home.

Yes it wants more food 4 pebbles a day so is my test solution bad I left the cap off overnight. Can you test your water? If you see your fish glancing, you should immediately treat your aquarium.

As it was. When I added the water to the tank my remaining GloFish started to Twitch!

How can I put sand into a tank that already has water and fish in it? Parasitic infestation can also cause considerable irritation. It could then be that he may have a parasite of some sort. Your tank is cycling and I would definitely perform 25% water changes. A Comet can grow to 18 inches or more and again does better in pond environment. My goldfish is now twi tching and acting skittish my ammonia levels are0.50 but I added safe start plus tertra I think your not supposed to do a water change with or are you? Fish twitching and lying at bottom of the tank!

Injury? DryGoods, OVERNIGHT SHIPPING Thanks so much I will update after the next water change tonight. They need to be kept in groups of 6 or more and require a minimum 20 gallon tank. I tested not even a week and a half ago when I did a 15% water change and treated their water. Came home from work to find my purple one dead and stuck to the filter. Premium Fish, Free What are the levels of In that just add the prime. About to do another 15% water change. Is it safe to buy a fish from a tank that has a dead fish in it? Our Blog This is a death sentence because not only does it provide no visual or mental stimulation it has no filter … The tests certain ones require more shaking the drops in the bottle.

Buy 6 and Save I looked into this and everything I have

Shipping     Ordering You need to be doing bigger water changes. How often do I have to change a 3.5 gallon tanks water, Unplugged the filter to do water change, Now it doesnt work. HELP! Is your fish eating? Rare Fish Not saying that is it but the fish is shaking and darting.

That is normally water issues. Do about 40% that should bring the nitrates down to around 30-35 then do the same amount either later today or tomorrow. By Matt1236, 5 years ago on General Freshwater Questions.

Do you think it's because ammonia at 0.50 or is it the itch I see no spots. Stunting - Do fish like Goldfish grow only to the size of their tank? 5,197 5.2K. Keeping a planted goldfish tank; which live plants work best with goldfish? How high are the nitrates? Do you have an api water test kit? Removed him and immediately tested my water my nitrates were high! Is this water safe for aquarium use? It could definitely be. Fish ! Store Check nitrate and nitrite. Common causes of muscle twitching include the following: Twitching can occur after physical activity because lactic acid accumulates in the muscles used during exercise. Search    Glancing. nitrate Does fish have white salty spots or is it just swimming odd? 2.,, I have a koi fish Crossbreec thought it was a comet goldfish in a 55 gallon aqarium I have another goldfish 5 inches in a 20 gallon tank one ammonia 0.50 nitrite 0 nirate 0, I was wondering how big do koi grow that I won at fair I heard domestic koi grow to 16 inches is this true.

Fish for Sale. If you have a Comet in a 20 gallon tank that is too small, I know you have been advised that those fish do better in ponds or tanks of 75 or more gallons.

What fish and how many in the 50 gallon? Delivery     Fish twitching helppp. Eyelid feel like it's giving you Morse code? Favorite Answer Hi Maureen-your problem is almost certainly caused by one thing-a bowl. At that level ammonia is getting too high., Sorry wasent on here in a couple days I do have stress coat it seems when I change the water he acts better so that's what I think the problem is thanks, It's gotten worse Its probably swim bladder cants swim correctly I added aqaurium salt can to add to much salt I added 1 teaspoon per gallon and stopped feding him is there any kind of medicine you can buy. If tank is uncycled levels you read and agreed to the. As in the link Koi can grow to 3 feet or more long, I have a 2250 litre pond in my garden and would not have koi in there as it is too small. my fish is still acting funny swimming actively but then running out of strength it looks like and floating with the current. I changed water 2 days ago an... Why Ammonia is Higher After a Partial Water Change. Beginner's Fish, Baby Fish Betta laying on bottom or actually sitting on tail with head up. Also, add conditioner to the tank. That's called myokymia. Check the ammonia, nitrite and pH levels and adjust accordingly. About     They may shake their heads suddenly from side to side, convulse their entire bodies, or flick their fins. He swims real fast shakes when he moves and stays near the top of the tank what should I do and some scales are missing it seems like he can't keep tail down head down tail up I can't see white spots so no itch its darting around. By entering this site you declare @ fish obsessed my age doesn't not matter i have read everything I have no idea what your talking about I had problems with my 55 gallon tank with a koi fish in it and I had this goldfish in it too si thought the koi was a crossbreed its not so iam going to get a 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank for the koi fish in 2 weeks and then put my goldfish back in the 55 gallon tank I have no idea what type of goldfish there is I had problems originaly with the goldfish tank because it said 8 ppm ammonia iam just wondering why my goldfish is shaking that's all i read the goldfish fourm post and it did not help me much it said shaking could be because of ammonia or parasite should I add salt I have been changing water every day then I didn't for a week so.

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