The government wanted the number to increase by 50,000 in 2004. How to get in  Temperatures frequently drop below freezing at night in winter, though the days warm up to around 10 °C (50 °F).

 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114  =  Yunnan Travel Guide [...], Yanjin enjoys its long history and vibrant culture of some historically profound sites and resorts. Dousha Old Town in Yanjin County, Zhaotong Dousha Old Town is located 20 kilometers from the county seat of Yanjin County in the northeast of Yunnan.

Yanjin County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, China - YouTube

For the year 2003, the number of emigrants was 650,000. Wechat/QQ: 99707279, +86-871-63511469 [email protected], Copyright © 2008 Yunnan Exploration.

From these maps you find the hotels, attractions and some resturants. Dancing Flower Festival Young men and women danced in the center of the flower poles. The 18,000-capacity Yuanbaoshan Stadium is also located in the city. It is the seat of the Latin Catholic Apostolic Prefecture of Zhaotong.

Yanjin passenger bus station

Wechat/QQ: 99707279. For your safety, please register with the Embassy. During the festival, the Miao ethnic minority dressed up to gather in the traditional dancing ground. Address: around the Baixin Road in Yanjin count(昭通市盐津县白兴段附近) The city plays an important role in the economy … Rape Petal Festival Yanjin is rich in natural resouces, such as Meier Mountain and Doushaguan Scenic Area. Tel:0870-6624868 There are some maps which are "How to Get to Yanjin County from Kunming", "How to Get to Yanjin County from Zhaotong City (Zhaoyang District)", "Region Map of Yanjin County in Zhaotong", "Tourist Attractions Map of Yanjin County in Zhaotong", "Location Map of Yanjin County in Yunnan". The prefecture, almost exclusively agricultural, is one of the poorest in China, which led the authorities to encourage young people to migrate to eastern and southern parts of China to find work.

The main industries in the prefecture are mining, tobacco and cement manufacturing. Teahouses can be seen everywhere, and local people always kill their time [...], More Yanjin County Festivals and Activities >>, Useful Numbers Dressing Tips Zhaotong (chinois : 昭通市 ; pinyin : Zhāotōng shì) est une ville-préfecture du nord-est de la province du Yunnan en Chine. Location of Yanjin County (pink) and Zhaotong Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China: Country: China: Province: Yunnan: Prefecture: Zhaotong City: Area - Total: 1,416 km 2 (546.7 sq mi) Population - Total: 453,096

It hosts many events, for example athletic events such as soccer matches. There are also long-distance buses, taxi, and minibus in Yanjin county.

Zhaotong (Chinese: 昭通) is a prefecture-level city located in the northeast corner of Yunnan province, China, bordering the provinces of Guizhou to the south and southeast and Sichuan to the northeast, north, and west. Because of its’ special geographical conditions, the climate of Yanjin county enjoys the characteristics of “one mountain at Four Seasons, different weather within 10 km”, hot in summer, wet and warm in winter, the distinction between seasons are obvious. Once enquired, you’ll get a response within 0.5~23.5 hours. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 30 septembre 2020 à 10:34. Mobile (24 Hours): +86- 18088243690 A great majority of the year's rainfall occurs from May to September. Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. WhatsApp: +86- 18088243690 Ambulance: 120 Address:No.4 on the old Street of Yanjin county(盐津县老街4号) These maps will help you enjoy your trips. WhatsApp: +86- 18088243690 [...], Where to stay Sur l'année 2003, le nombre d'émigrants a été de 650 000[1]. Blogs, Kunming Office: Room1209, No.7 Red Star Macalline Business Building, Lujia Road, Xishan Area, Kunming, Yunnan.

Liste des subdivisions administratives du Yunnan,, Page avec coordonnées similaires sur Wikidata, Article géolocalisé en République populaire de Chine, Portail:République populaire de Chine/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Natural landscape : Yanjin is rich in natural resouces, such as Meier Mountain and Doushaguan Scenic Area, There are two famous towns for people to have a look, Yanjing Town and Dousha Old Town. Required fields are marked *, 2 display: none !important; .hide-if-no-js { La région, presque exclusivement agricole, est l'une des plus pauvres de Chine, ce qui a conduit les autorités à inciter les jeunes à émigrer vers d'autres régions de l'est et du sud de la Chine pour trouver du travail. Zhaotong has some of the largest Lignite sources in China. And there are two rivers go through the county, which divide it into three parts. Kunming Office: Room1209, No.7 Red Star Macalline Business Building, Lujia Road, Xishan Area, Kunming, Yunnan. Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan Teahouse According to the survey of [...], More Yanjin County Climate & When to Go >>, Yanjin county has a convenient transportation system. WhatsApp: +86- 18088243690 Tel:0870-6628456 Address: on New Village Street, Yanjing town, Yanjin county(盐津县盐井镇新村街) Zhaotong is situated in the northeast of Yunnan Province, sharing boundaries with Guizhou and Sichuan provinces. Consumer Complaint: 12315

Your email address will not be published. Yanjin County (simplified Chinese: 盐津县; traditional Chinese: 鹽津縣; pinyin: Yánjīn Xiàn) is located in the northeast of Yunnan Province, China, bordering Sichuan Province to the north and east.  + 

Zhaotong has several bridges over the Jinsha River, an upstream section of the Yangtze. If you like old town, there are two famous towns for people to have a look, Yanjing Town and Dousha Old Town. Yanjin county (盐津县) is located in the northeast part of Yunnan province, the junction area of Yunnan province and Sichuan province, it lies in the middle of Zhaotong city and Yibin city, borders Junlian county and Yibin county in the northeast, Yiliang county in the south, Suijiang county and Yongshan county in the west, Shuifu county in the north.

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