This means that the shows use the same actors on the same stage with alternating performances. Now tell the class to take turns reading aloud the 'Gods of Human Needs' section of the text lesson.

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CLASSES 301 … He is not strong. Visit the Myths & Legends Lesson Plans & Resources page to learn more. This set includes resources to accompany 8 books by Gerald McDermott:Zomo the RabbitAnansi the Sp, This download includes a worksheet for each of the books included in F&P's Trickster Tales Interactive Read Aloud Unit. Author Notes, Vocabulary, Comprehension Activities to go with The Velveteen Rabbit Or How Toys Become Real by Marjorie Williams Bianco. has thousands of articles about every Included you will find all the contents needed to creat, Hello! Have the students create an image similar to those from. These worksheets can be used as a center activity after the IRA has been read and discussed. This West African trickster tale retold by Gerald McDermott makes a great addition to your multicultural and individualized reading programs. PYP Program. He decides to return the dancing shoes, spray paint, and turntable to their owners and forego power. Zomo then goes on a quest for the three items the Sky God wants: Big Fish’s light-up dancing shoes from the Southwest Fish Market, Wild Cow’s spray paint cans from the National Zoo, and Leopard’s turntable from her Adam’s Morgan apartment. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, This set includes resources to accompany the book Zomo the Rabbit: A Trickster Tale from the Amazon by Gerald McDermott But he is very clever! Sky God says that if Zomo can do three impossible tasks, he will give Zomo wisdom. Zomo the Rabbit: A Trickster Tale from the Amazon, Folktale Study: Zomo the Rabbit by Gerald McDermott, Zomo the Rabbit Literature Standards Support Worksheets, Gerald McDermott Literature Support Pages Trickster Bundle, Literature Unit for Zomo the Rabbit by Gerald McDermott, Trickster Tales- The Works of Gerald McDermott COMPARE AND CONTRAST, Trickster Tales from Around the World Author Study (Common Core Aligned), Fountas & Pinnell Interactive Read Aloud: Trickster Tales Companion Worksheets, ESOL/ESL/TESOL Multicultural Lesson and Story Plans, Gerald McDermott Literature Standards Support Pages Super Bundle, Interactive Read Aloud - Grade 2 - Exploring Trickster Tales - F and P, Interactive Read Aloud Bundle - Grade 2 - Fountas and Pinnell Aligned, Animals Clipart Bundle by Bunny On A Cloud, The Velveteen Rabbit PowerPoint with Vocabulary and Comprehension Questions, Christmas Activities BUNDLE - Fun ELA Holiday Resources for Grades 4 - 8, Alphabet Animals Hats for Letter of the Day or Zoo Themes (Distance Learning), Zoo/Zoo-Phonics Letter Crafts - A-Z Bundle, Distance Learning: Draw IT! | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Sky God tells Zoo that if he completes three impossible tasks he will be gifted wisdom in return. Zomo the Rabbit Theatre Arts Integration Guide.

'Zomo the Rabbit' is a story by Gerald McDermott based on African mythology. The activities cover a range of reading comprehension and writing skills. (PNG format with transparent background)32 BW images32 colored images31 shadow images, The Velveteen Rabbit PowerPoint. Your students will love this 'Book: Zomo the Rabbit (primary)'. Parking is available at meters on the street or at the parking garage on the same block. - Zomo the Rabbit

Be sure to check out Imagination Stage’s recently renovated play space in the lobby near the entrance. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? What's included in this product? Thumbelina is a play unlike anything I have seen before.

With the help of the Swallow, she goes out into the world to find out. -Papagayo the Mischief Maker There are building blocks and videos showing how to perform some dances from Zomo and create costumes from Thumbelina as well as other show-related activities designed to spark the imagination.

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